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Thermocouple Wire

Mini J-Type Thermocouple Wire Cable Connector Plug, 5 Sets Pairs Male and Female


K-Type Thermocouple extension cable wire with miniature mini connectors 3-15 ft


2M Wire Temprature Sensor Earth Thermocouple Probe K Type 50mm x 5mm


K-Type Thermocouple Wire for Digital Thermometer Temperature Sensor Probe TC1 5p


Digital K-type Thermometer HVAC w. 2 Thermocouple Wire Probes Science LCD DT1312


Omega TFE-K-24-SLE Thermocouple Wire - K Type, Duplex Insulated - 25FT


Type T Thermocouple Grade Stranded Wire * 24 AWG w/FEP Insulation * 25 feet


30M Silver Tone Metal K Type Thermocouple Extension Wire


K-Type Thermocouple Wire Probe w. high temperature Kapton insulation 3 ft Sensor


T Type Thermocouple Wire f. Digital Thermometer Temperature Sensor Probe TT1 1p


RTD Pt100 Temperature Sensor Thermocouple 2M Cable 10CM Probe 3 Wires -50~400°C


82' Watlow 20 AWG Type K thermocouple wire


5Pcs Thermocouple Temperature Controller E Type K Type M6 M8 Screw Thread Wire


Ten feet of Type E Thermocouple wire with Fiberglass insulation and multistrand


K-Type Thermocouple Extension Cable Wire Braided Fiberglass mini connectors ft


Thermocouple Wire Solid 2 Conductor Type J SS Braid 25 FT. or more


Digital Industrial K-type Thermocouple Thermometer w Wire Probe Sensor DT1311


K Type Thermocouple Wire Digital Thermometer High Temperature Kiln Furnace Probe


J-Type Thermocouple extension cable wire with miniature mini connectors 3-15 ft


High Temperature K-type Thermocouple Wire Solid AWG 24 w. Kapton insulation 5 yd


Thermocouple Wire Iron/Constantan 20 gauge (7 strands) Extension Wire 25 ft ea


K-type Thermocouple Wire AWG 24 Solid with Fiberglass Insulation Extension 10 yd


Extra Long 160ft 50m K-Type Thermocouple Wire Digital Thermometer Temperature K


T-type Thermocouple AWG 24 Wire Sensor Probe with PVC Polyvinyl Insulation 3ft


Surface Mount K-Type Thermocouple Wire Probe, high temperature Kapton insulation


T-Type Thermocouple extension cable wire with miniature mini connectors 3-15 ft


T-type Thermocouple Sensor Probe High Temp 500 °F AWG24 Wire FEP Insulation 100"


New TEW & C TE Wire Thermocouple Wire Type K G/G-20-K FW0128 AWG 20 (10' Feet)


T-TEC Insulated Thermocouple Wire 10-4830


Thermocouple Wire - SPCH-.010-50FT CROMEL NON INSULATED